September 2018

Disunity: The Feature Documentary
Poaching Isn't Black & White

The Rhino story is one of the biggest tradgedies in modern times. The rhino is an animal cursed with the most expensive substance known to man-its large horns.  In fact a really large horn is worth nearly one million dollars on the black market. Poachers will go to great lengths to get it and it has attracted societies worst people, including organized gangs. They will stop at nothing to get their illegal cache including the murder of men, women and children who might get in the way.  The tragic truth, its for a body part for which the animal does not have to be killed. Horns are 98% keratin, can be removed with no harm to the animal and can grow back in 7 years. Its like killing the cow to get the milk. It is the only animal being poached for the traditional Chinese medicine market and displays of affluence that doesn’t have to die. Disunity is ramped amongst these stakeholders and while politicians debate the issue of the legalization of the trade, animals are dying all around us at a rate of one every eight hours. It is a complete ecological tragedy.

I am so thrilled to be the executive producer and to be working with the creative team of Morgan Pelt, Garth De Bruno and Sean Viljeon and Ivan Carter. This south African foursome is a team of passionate, inspired, talented and dedicated directors and story tellers that want to make a huge positive impact in the rhino crisis. We want this sorry to reach the masses, secure more protected habitat and make a huge difference in rhino conservation.  John Banovich