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Through a shared vision John Banovich and long-time friend and Founders of Homann's Africa, Mark & Maria Homann have joined forces under the Banovich Brand umbrella bringing decades of experience in the international travel industry creating itineraries at luxury conservation properties that will be available exclusively for Banovich & Homann’s Africa. Through our long-standing relationships and history with premium properties throughout Africa and beyond we have secured exclusive arrangements offered to no other travel operators on the continent, allowing us to design itineraries that provide exclusive experiences and access to properties unavailable to outside agencies. Banovich & Homann’s Africa currently has members in the United States and on the ground throughout Africa to provide concierge level services.  Separately, accomplishing unrivaled success in their own careers catering to clientele in a luxury market, Banovich and the Homann’s combined venture of Banovich & Homann’s Africa sets a new standard in luxury experiential travel.

If you are interested in talking to us about our custom safaris, please contact us at the following.

Mark & Maria Homann, Founders, Homann's Africa
eml: discover@banovichhomannsafrica.com
phone: ‭+1 (843) 706-9513‬ 


Mark, Maria, Alex & Max Homann


We believe that our shared love of Africa and its people, coupled with our personal passions and professional strengths, allows us to collaborate to create unparalleled custom safari experiences. We ensure that every exquisite detail of your Homann’s Africa adventure is perfect, from the moment your feet touch the African soil until your last night under an African sky. - Mark & Maria Homann

Mark has been leading safaris since 1990 and is one of only two fully qualified Zimbabwean Professional Guides based in the United States.

“My family arrived in Africa in the 1820s and Africa has been in blood ever since. Born on our family’s farm in Zimbabwe, my childhood backyard was the Zambezi Valley. Originally based in Zimbabwe, I have spent the past 26 years in the safari industry, and have had the privilege to have managed camps and guided guests in many fascinating places in Africa. I now use United States as a home base, where I live with Maria and our two young children, and continue to guide safaris throughout Africa.   

When I met Maria in 2002, she was working in New York City as fashion designer Donna Karan’s personal/executive business assistant and office manager. While working with Donna Karan and as a personal assistant to actor/writer/director Chazz Palminteri, Maria garnered a wealth of experience in planning for and meeting the professional and personal needs of many successful and creative people. This wealth of knowledge has given her the background to successfully plan for others as well as multi-task ensuring all her clients’ needs are met.

We married on Palm Island on the Zambezi River above Victoria Falls in 2003. Maria joined me in Zimbabwe at Pamushana where I was managing the guiding program.  Her thirst for adventure was a good fit for Africa where she spent her days learning, living and helping with The Malilangwe Trust Community program.  

Today, we combine our personal love of Africa with our extensive professional knowledge and experience, personally seeing to it that the wishes and details of our guests are met and exceeded every single day.  We continue to do what we love, running and guiding safaris in Southern and East Africa. Our passions are found in Africa and in its wild places and her people.” Mark Homann

John Banovich

Singita, Sasakwe Lodge, Serengeti


John Banovich (b.1964) is an American contemporary painter known internationally for his large, dramatic portrayals of iconic wildlife. Today, Banovich’s work is admired and collected globally by prominent politicians, entertainers and business leaders. His work can be found in private collections, corporate offices and museums throughout the world.

John Banovich has been creating, hosting and guiding private, by invitation only, legendary safari and personalized experiential travel for celebrities, philanthropists and some of the world’s most elite clientele for decades. In the 1990’s Banovich was hosting and personally guiding artists, art collectors and wildlife enthusiasts throughout east and southern Africa.  Through a mutual friend he met Mark and Maria Homann and the journey began. “Mark is the top safari guide in Africa and is a master at logistics.  Maria has a mountain of experience of managing details for high performers in the fashion and entertainment world which is crucial in designing  bespoke, life changing  African adventures.” Combining a deep-rooted love of travel with three decades of crafting dramatic stories in his paintings, Banovich goes beyond the edge of the canvas to creating a safari of your dreams.

“From my very first step I took in Africa it moved me beyond words and it felt like I had come home.  I wanted to soak it up, every last drop. Its enormous diversity and large mega fauna roaming free ignited a fire in my soul and I knew I would never be the same. After recently returning from my 50th safari, Africa still moves me the same way it did when I first set foot on the dark continent three decades ago. I always say that, when one experiences Africa, its ancient rhythms and extreme beasts it seizes your soul, and a part of you remains there forever.”  John Banovich - Artist | Conservationist



Conservation is as essential to our wild places as it is to improving the quality of life for the rural communities who live hand in hand with that wildlife. Photographic safaris play a very important role in this as they are creating sustainable wildlife based economies in which visitors are an essential component.

Historically, all revenues derived from safaris would go to private companies and government coffers and people living near these areas received very little benefit from these resources. There was much conflict and resentment as animals would cross over into subsistence farming areas destroying crops and killing livestock. Being subsistence farmers, the people depended on these crops and livestock to see them through the year. As a result, subsistence poaching was a growing concern in many of Africa’s wildlife reserves.

Today we see more andmore reserves sharing their profits with these very communities, who use these funds to develop schools, clinics, wells etc. There are many other benefits and we have met a number of game scouts, guides, chefs and lodge staff who have come from nearby villages. Others have developed market gardens, poultry farms and other services. A few years ago the communities only option was to grow crops in areas that are generally too dry and soils too poor to lift them out of the poverty cycle. Attitudes are changing as people are seeing wild animals as their most valuable resource and they invest themselves in a wildlife based economy.

A growing trend in some new safari camps is taking advantage of modern solar technology. A handful of camps in remote areas have built solar farms that have allowed them to operate off the grid without the use of generators. Camps are experimenting in using recycled cooking oils and even electric game-viewing vehicles. 

Read More about our Wildscapes Foundation Projects



Banovich & Homann Families

Mark & Maria Homann, Founders, Homann's Africa


Take comfort in the fact that your safari with us will be unique, personal, and planned with your collaboration. Spend your days up close and personal with amazing creatures exploring the majestic African landscape. Avoid the well-beaten path and experience the safari that you have always dreamed of.

The essence of a great safari is creating a custom itinerary that takes you to lodges and camps that offer diverse accommodations, landscapes and wildlife, within an area that makes logistical sense.  With Banovich & Homann’s Africa, no two safaris are ever the same, because all of our guests are unique. Whether you are looking for action and adventure, rest and leisure, formal lodging or luxury mobile tents, or a little bit of everything, we will make it happen. We have never booked the same itinerary twice, every safari that we design is unique and we aim to keep it that way!

There is so much to experience when on safari. Heart stirring and action-packed, our safaris can be an up-close- and-personal experience with Africa or they can be the perfect opportunity to unwind and let your mind relax.  You can horseback ride with the migration, walk in the foot steps of a Mountain Gorilla, track elephant, run with the Masai and sleep in the wilds with nothing between you and the stars other than a tent or a mosquito net.  You will be guided through spectacular terrain, majestic scenery and, of course, introduced to the magnificent animals. Spend your nights relaxing under a spacious tent or in the privacy of your exclusive lodge, enjoying the finest of creature comforts, sipping fine wine and cuisine, reflecting on the day’s glorious events with your friends and family. 

A custom safari is everything you want it to be, and nothing you don’t. The one thing that never changes, however, is our dedication to ensuring that you have the experience of a lifetime. Talk to us about how we can make your safari dream a reality.

eml: discover@banovichhomannsafrica.com
phone: ‭+1 (843) 706-9513‬

"Its an experience unlike any other, where Mark and Maria attend to every carefully crafted nuance of your trip. Breathtaking landscapes, close encounters with wildlife, unique cultural experiences all while in the hands of experience guide’s are what make this a trip of a lifetime.  We’ve seen lion kills and met Maasai tribes in Tanzania, watched mating season and witnessed the impact of Nelson Mandela on South Africa and this winter we’ll head back on our third trip to explore the Okavango Delta.  Whether it be watching the rising sun of the Serengeti or sipping sundowners in the middle of the wilderness, every moment is magical in Africa.   Thank you Mark and Maria for planning and orchestrating each and everyone of our trips. We look forward to a long lasting friendship.”  - The Wilpon Family, CT